Exercise as a family

Exercise is essential in everyone's daily routine.

When we are at home, it is best to enjoy exercises to do as a family.

Develop your own circuits:

You can create a circuit with ties, bands, loops, anklets, among other elements. Define objectives by assuming improvement challenges and physical effort through games.

Practicing yoga as a family:

Now is the time. On the internet there are numerous videos and tutorials for classes. You only need a mat as a mat and enjoy.

Dance to the rhythm of the music:

You can do it in any part of the house that allows movement. It would be ideal to use a television, tablet or digital device where you can view a choreography according to the age of the girls and boys who participate. Remember that the important thing is to carry out a routine to lead a more active life as a family. 

Playing sports together can help you communicate better and be happier!

Follow some tutorial on the internet:

There are more and more directed classes that can be used as a family. Just take the time and share it with family. You will be doing two important activities at the same time. You will also transmit to your family the importance of exercising.


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