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KAMEX INTERNATIONAL SAS , is a legally constituted company identified with NIT 800.060.704-5, with main address at: Carrera 8E N 6-10, Variante Cajicá. Constituted under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, it will be responsible for the processing of your personal data. For this reason, we recognize the importance of the security, privacy and confidentiality of our clients and users, which are provided through the Website conditions we are committed to the protection and proper management of it.

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The Information and Personal Data will be processed for the following purposes, which are necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the contractual relationship between the client and/or user and the Website.

Main Purposes:

- So that you can create, use, personalize and take advantage of the functionalities available through your User Account.

- So that you can make the purchase of the products that are marketed through the Website and are sent to you.

- To provide you with the products and/or services available through the Website.

- To identify you for the purposes of customer service, as well as for the processing of requests referred to in this Privacy Notice.

- To inform you about changes and/or updates on the Website, in the Terms and Conditions and in this Privacy Notice.

- To evaluate the quality and functionality of the goods and services provided by the Website.

- To make a list of users and keep a file of each user.

- To validate that you have the capacity to purchase the goods offered through the Website, in the case of prescription sales devices. (those described in the data processing policy).

Secondary purposes:

- To inform you about promotions, discounts and other advertising related to the Website.

- For marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes.

- To make a list of users and keep a file of each user.

- For market, promotional, statistical, advertising, commercial studies.

In case you want your personal data not to be used for any of the secondary purposes described in this section, you must send an email with your request to


Their rights are those provided for in the Constitution and in Law 1581 of 2012, especially the following:

a) Free access to the data provided that have been processed.

b) Request the updating and rectification of your information against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, divided, misleading data, or those whose treatment is prohibited or has not been authorized.

c) Request proof of the authorization granted.

d) Submit complaints to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) for violations of the provisions of current regulations.

e) Revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data, unless there is a legal or contractual duty that makes it imperative to keep the information.

f) Refrain from answering questions about sensitive data.

These rights can be exercised by writing to:


The Website may transfer some personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice to the companies that provide the courier or mail delivery service in order for the purchased products to be delivered to the customer.

We may use third parties to help us deliver promotions, collect your payments, ship products or outsource our customer service systems, exchange information for fraud protection and credit risk reduction purposes, transfer our databases data containing your personal information if we sell our business or part of it.

In the same way, your data may be transferred when required by the authorities authorized for that purpose, in order to validate the information provided, or the transfer is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest, or for the procurement or Justice administration; in case it is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process, and for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the person in charge and the owner.


The Company processes medical data of patients regarding their visual health and conditions that affect it. In accordance with the provisions of Article 26 of Law 1582 of 2012.

The Owner grants explicit authorization to said treatment, except in cases that are not required by law.

The treatment has a historical, statistical or scientific purpose. In this event, the measures leading to the suppression of the identity of the Holders must be adopted.


The holder may consult the Data Treatment Policy in force at the time of his consultation in the link.

In the same way, in case of modifications due to necessity, requirement and implementation of new legal provisions that regulate the matter, it will be sent to the email notified by the owner, client and/or user.


The information provided to the Website by its users or clients may remain stored for a term of up to 10 years. The foregoing with the purpose of allowing compliance with obligations in tax, fiscal and accounting matters, as well as before State bodies in charge of the development of inspection and surveillance activities.


The clients and users of the Website have the possibility and the right to access the data and information that is collected and stored from them, as well as to exercise the rights that assist them in the terms of the applicable protection regulations and in accordance with what is established in the Privacy Policy.

In the case of personal data in Colombia, the procedures for the exercise of the rights of the holders will be provided for in Law 1581 of October 17, 2012 "By which general provisions are issued for the protection of personal data".

Clients and users have the right to consult and know what use is being made of the information obtained from them. In the same way, in the event that the data or information is incomplete or inaccurate, the user or client may rectify them, and in the event that they consider that they are not being used in accordance with the legal provisions on the matter, or contrary to the provisions of this confidentiality notice, you may cancel said data and information from the Website.

To make their rights effective, customers and users can send their request to the email:

You must include the following information in the application:

to. Names and surnames

b. Type and number of identification document.

c. Contact telephone number (landline and/or cell phone).

d. Email.

and. Affair


The Website may collect information and other personal data from our customers and users, which may include, without limitation, the following:

  1. Names and surnames.
  2. Type and identification number.
  3. Address and place of residence.
  4. Sex and date of birth (age).
  5. Civil status.
  6. Fixed Telephone and Cellular Telephone (personal or work).
  7. Email (personal or work).
  8. Fax.
  9. User Account access password (as said term is defined in the Terms and Conditions).
  10. Data regarding the form of payment used to make purchases on the Website and amount of payments made (such as: Credit card(s) information such as number, bank, expiration date; personal data of the cardholder such as names and surnames, type and identification number, information on the address where the cardholder receives their bank statements).
  11. Data about your purchase preferences, payment, receipt of information and interests.
  12. Data about your comments, complaints, claims, recommendations.
  13. Information and personal data collected through surveys, focus groups or other market research methods.
  14. Information required by the representatives of the sales and/or customer relations areas in order to attend to requests or claims.
  15. Sensitive medical data of a general nature, medical history, or related, as well as data on the products purchased on the Website.
  16. Data collected through cookies and web beacons: IP address, GPS location, type of device used to access the Website, type of browser, operating system, time of access to the Website, browsing time on the Website, web pages visited, information consulted, means of identification for access to the User's Account, preferences and personalization of the User's Account.

The information and data that is collected as a result of the different operations or relationships that are established by virtue of the use of the Website and the services that are offered in it, may be stored or processed, in our own servers or contracted with domicile in Colombia or in other countries, which is understood to be authorized by our customers and users by accepting this Privacy Policy document.

Additionally, for reasons of medical security, the Website is enabled by accepting this security policy to collect, store, share and compare with different national administrative control and surveillance authorities, the information on the prescriptions of our users or clients. .


Clients and users must provide the Website with truthful information about their personal data for the formalization of the reservation and to make possible the provision of the contracted services and the delivery of the products purchased, as well as for the other services that they require and under whose conditions they agree to deliver the required information.

The Website presumes, under the principle of good faith that governs commercial relations, that all the information provided is true and corresponds to reality, so that it will not carry out verifications on the identity of the client and/or user, or on the data that each of these provide. By virtue of the foregoing, it will not be responsible for any damage or loss derived from or due to the lack of veracity, validity, sufficient or authenticity of the information, including damages and losses that may be due to homonymy or identity theft.

The foregoing without prejudice to the fact that the Website or third parties authorized by it, verify information provided by clients and/or users in relation to medical prescriptions for devices on measurement for visual and ocular health.

To safeguard the information that you provide us, the Website has established security policies, procedures and standards, whose objective is to protect and preserve the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information, regardless of the medium or format where it is located, its temporary or permanent location or the way in which it is transmitted. In this sense, we rely on technological security tools and implement practices recognized in the industry, which include: transmission and storage of sensitive information through secure mechanisms, such as encryption, use of secure protocols; assurance of technological components, restriction of access to information only to authorized personnel, information backup, secure software development practices, among others.

In any contract or link that the Website establishes with third parties in which the management or use of the information or data collected is involved, for example, with the companies in charge of transporting the products to the client, a confidentiality commitment is incorporated that details its commitments for the protection, care, security and preservation of its confidentiality, integrity and privacy.


This website uses its own and third-party cookies to measure and analyze the navigation of our users. Cookies are files that are installed on the computer from which you access our website for the purposes described on this page. In addition to those cookies strictly necessary for web browsing.

Cookies will not be installed on your computer until you accept their use in the Notice (Pop Up) that will be displayed on the USER's first access to the Web. By accepting, the USER consents to the use of cookies and IP address tracking files whose use allows our company to collect data for statistical purposes such as: the number of pages visited, the language, the social network in which our news is published, the city or region to which the IP address from which you access is assigned, the number of new users, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the time of the visit, the browser or terminal from which the visit is made.

In any case, the USER may prevent the installation of cookies or delete those that have already been installed, through the configuration of their browser, as well as through the use of specific applications. However, THE COMPANY is not responsible for the fact that their deactivation prevents the proper functioning of the page. The information obtained is completely anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with a specific and identified user.


The users and/or clients of the Website accept the use and treatment that, in accordance with this confidentiality policy, will be provided to the information or data that is collected or obtained from them in the development of operations, when acquiring any of the products or services offered on the Website, or when you click the Accept button or function.

I give my consent to KAMEX INTERNATIONAL SAS to use my personal data for commercial purposes and for opinion polls. In particular, it will be authorized to analyze my interactions with the company (such as my purchase history, the use of applications, social networks and personal data that I share in order to send me personalized commercial messages through emails, text messages, regular mail , applications or any other means of communication that I wish to use.