low back pain

Low back pain or lumbago is pain located in the lower or lower back, between the lower limit of the ribs and the lower limit of the buttocks, which depending on posture and physical activity can vary in intensity. This pathology affects both young people, adults and the elderly and appears both in sedentary jobs and in those that involve great physical effort. It is accompanied by limitation of movement and may or may not be associated with radiating referred pain, frequently to the lower limbs.

Chronic low back pain, given by repetitive episodes of pain, of more than three months of evolution, is caused in most cases by degenerative processes of the intervertebral discs and posterior joints.

Kamex recommends the following tips, remembering that the specialist or treating doctor is the one who sets the tone in the treatment according to the type of injury:

1. Physical rest

To avoid back pain it is advisable to exercise and stay physically active, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In acute phases of pain and for a few days, the ideal is to perform stretching, flexion and extension exercises.

2. Stabilization of the spine

Stabilization can be achieved with the use of orthotics, and under medical guidance. Our lumbar belt partially limits the movements of the spine, also improving the functionality of the abdominal muscles.

3. Postural hygiene measures

Postural education is important for patients with low back pain. In addition, it is advisable to use ergonomic furniture in the workplace and avoid bending the spine forward. Our posture corrector for men and women, is a back and spine support, providing pain relief for neck, back, shoulders. Improves posture and provides back support, keeping the shoulders in a correct position.

4. Maintain a proper weight

In obese patients, the symptoms are usually greater, so it is recommended that the patient reduce the load to which the spine is subjected.

5. Application of cold and heat

Hot and cold applications help reduce inflammation and relax the back muscles. Try our cold or heat compresses to relax and help soothe pain in the area.

6. Physiotherapy

Performing massages, applying currents and stretching exercises help to improve the patient's symptoms and seek to strengthen the supporting muscles. Our Relax Vital relaxing cream is ideal to accompany this treatment.

Kamex advises you that if the symptoms persist or worsen, it is important to consult your doctor and follow his recommendations.

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