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Control Thong

Size: XS
Color: Black


This pantyhose offers you a special design, it is high-waisted to provide greater coverage at the waist, sides and buttocks. It has an internal reinforcement in the abdomen that generates greater control in this area. The materials are soft and delicate, they are not marked by your outer clothing. Thong made of two layers of fabric, medium compression, special cuts that provide greater coverage around the abdomen.


This pantyhose will help you shape your body but above all it will make you feel comfortable. Medium compression pantyhose, special cuts that help to highlight and stylize the silhouette.


Hand wash, do not bleach, dry in the shade, do not iron, do not wring, do not tumble dry, do not soak, do not mix with dark colors. Avoid using rings or any type of accessory that could damage the garment when putting it on.

Control Thong
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