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Sku: SKX-002S

Energy 3D Fabric Ankle Brace

Size: S


Three-dimensional knitted breathable functional elastic ankle brace. Seamless, which allows for comfortable use and prevents annoying friction. Resistant textile material reinforced at its extremities, offering an adequate anatomical adaptation and durability.

Ambidextrous sports support that provides better fixation on the skin and stability in movement. It protects you from possible injuries.

Made of highly resistant and soft breathable knitted elastic fabric offering greater comfort and an anatomical 3D fit. The compressive fabric produces a massage effect that stimulates faster reabsorption of bruises and oedemas.

Sanitary Registry2017DM -0016334


Mild ankle instabilities, joint effusions and inflammations both of traumatic origin and caused by previous diseases, post-operative and post-traumatic irritation (after sprains). Support and protection for sports and work activities.

Its fabric performs a micromassage effect that favors the reabsorption of edema and bruises during ankle movement, facilitating the reduction of inflammation and pain.


If you have skin irritation (allergies), use a cotton bandage under the support.

Energy 3D Fabric Ankle Brace
Energy 3D Fabric Ankle Brace
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