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Sku: 18500N

Forearm Wristband

Size: Universal / Right


Orthosis that allows stabilization of the forearm and wrist.

Record Sanitary 2017DM-0001150-R1


Used as a protector, support bra and/or as prevention in all cases of injuries, sprains, tears and tendosenovitis at the wrist and hand level.

Insert your thumb into the hole in the wristband. Place your arm in the shape of the splint. Adjust the velcro bands around the contour of the arm and forearm.


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine.

Skin irritation or sensitivity (redness, hives). Allergic responses to the material. Skin blisters. Psoriasis, flictenas, dermatitis, cellulite. disproportionate increase in pain. Wear a cotton garment underneath. It is important that the placement of the product is supervised by the specialist.


Forearm Wristband
Forearm Wristband
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