Chin Guard

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Medium compression powernet garment, lined with soft lycra, Velcro fastening located at the top and bottom, one to fasten in the most prominent part of the head and the other to fasten in the back of the neck, its design covers top of the head, bottom and neck.


The chin guard is useful for postoperatives that compromise the chin (Genioplasty, removal of bichat bags, chin Lipo) the compression of the textile helps to minimize inflammation and generates better blood circulation, allows the desired fit for a speedy recovery, its Hypoallergenic textile prevents irritation and provides soft contact with the skin.


Hand wash, do not bleach, dry in the shade, do not iron, do not wring, do not tumble dry, do not soak, do not mix with dark colors. Avoid using rings or any type of accessory that could damage the garment when putting it on.