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Sku: SF-011XSB

Chin Guard

Size: XS


Medium compression powernet garment, ideal for post-operative periods that compromise the face or neck.

Health Registry 2017DM-0016787


Support recovery from surgical interventions, through compression and support in the neck, jowls and cheeks, restoring tissue tone.

Unfold the product by loosening the velcros. Place the central part on the chin, taking into account that the upper straps are longer than the lower ones. Take the long strips making adjustments to the head contour using the velcros. Take the short strips and adjust to the contour of the neck using the Velcro.



Hand wash with mild soap. Dry in the shade, not with a dryer. Do not press the garment to try to dry it. Do not iron. Do not use whitener.


It is advisable to use this product as indicated by your specialist. If when using this product you notice any discomfort or irritation on the skin, discontinue use and consult your doctor. It has no curative purposes, nor does it replace medical treatments.


Chin Guard
Chin Guard
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