Clavicle immobilizer

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Designed to provide total immobilization and support of the spine during post-operative spine treatments, they can also be used as a protection element, as a corrector, as a bra, support and support in all cases of muscle injuries and tears, scoliosis , back pain, disc disease, osteoporosis, low back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, rib fractures, inguinal hernias, placenta previa, pregnancy and postpartum and in cases of instability of the spine and shoulder girdle and to generate a habit of postural hygiene. Linear clavicle fractures, acromio-clavicular and/or sternoclavicular sprain, tendinitis and instability.

Record Sanitary 2018 DM-0003214-R1


- Linear clavicle fractures.
- Acromio-clavicular and/or sterno-clavicular sprain.
- Tendonitis and instability.


Your posture requires the help of another person. The hands should be brought to the waist and the arms in the shape of a jar so that the shoulders are back and the bandage is in the correct position. Pull the straps at the same time and insert them into the buckles. Do not throw the shoulders forward to avoid mistreating the armpit.