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Sku: 13001

Clavicle Immobilizer

Size: XS


Orthosis with padded figure-of-eight straps to achieve clavicle alignment.

Record Sanitary 2018 DM-0003214-R1


Ideal for the treatment of fractures, sprains, tendinitis, acromioclavicular and/or sternoclavicular sprains and clavicle instability.

Place padded straps on the shoulders, leaving support in the center of the back. To locate it, help from another person is required. The hands should be brought to the waist and the arms in the shape of a jug so that the shoulders are back and the bandage is in the correct position. Pull the straps at the same time and insert them into the buckles Avoid bringing your shoulders forward to avoid damaging the armpit


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap . Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine.


If you have skin irritation (allergies), use a cotton bandage (stokinette) under the orthosis. It is important that the placement of the product is supervised by your specialist.



Clavicle Immobilizer
Clavicle Immobilizer
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