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Sku: 402000NL

Carpal Tunnel Glove

Size: Universal / Right


Glove coated on the inside with 100% medical grade mineral oil to avoid friction and friction, reducing the risk of keloid or hypertrophic scars. Improves the care and treatment of scars in post-carpal tunnel surgery. Reduces moisture loss in the outer layer of the skin and restores its elasticity. Reusable.

Presentation: 1 unit

Record INVIMA Sanitary 2021DM-0024510


Enter your hand placing the gel pad in the palm for greater comfort and better recovery. Place each finger in the corresponding hole, making sure that the middle and ring fingers go in the same central space. Make sure your fingers are positioned comfortably and without any pressure.


Wash the glove daily with mild liquid soap and dry at room temperature. Store the glove in the original packaging with its respective acetate. Store in a cool place.


In case of irritation, consult a specialist immediately. Non-sterile product, do not use on open wounds. Do not add creams or other products that affect the properties of Gelkam. None of the above advice is a substitute for medical advice.

Carpal Tunnel Glove
Carpal Tunnel Glove
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