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Sku: KM800

Pregnancy Support Girdle



Lumbar orthosis to treat and prevent low back pain during pregnancy.

Record Sanitary 2015DM-0012850


For the relief of lower back pain during pregnancy, placenta previa, overweight and threatened abortion.

Place the lower girdle band supporting the lower part of the abdomen towards the upper part of the back and place the Velcro according to your comfort. Around it, place the girdle and put on the velcros according to your comfort. Fix the elastic band from side to side on the top of the belly and secure it with the Velcros.


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Dry on a flat surface. Do not wash in a washing machine.


Its use must be according to medical indications.


Pregnancy Support Girdle
Pregnancy Support Girdle
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