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Sku: DK-0016

Immobilizer In Neutral

Size: Universal


Made of injected foam, with breathable mesh lining, padded support bands on the trunk and waist with contact closure system, providing stability and comfort in support. Ambidextrous sling with adaptation system with velcro on both sides and safety closures, providing better positioning of the arm and anterior pin to give rest to the hand.

Record Sanitary 2015DM-0013020


POP shoulder instability. Post-operative rotator cuff pop shoulder replacement . Non-surgical immobilization of proximal humerus fractures.

Detach the sling from the cushion and place it on your arm. Place the cushion on the side under the chest. Take the waist band, insert it through the pin, adjust it to your size. Place the sling on the base of the cushion, adjusting it with its velcro. Pull the back band of the sling past your neck.


 Wash the liners by hand with mild soap, let them dry in the shade. Do not wash in a washing machine. Do not use detergent. Do not wash the cushion.


Wounds and abrasions on the skin, simultaneous alterations of the cervical

Immobilizer In Neutral
Immobilizer In Neutral
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