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Sku: KM2201

Sling With Band

Size: Childish


Shoulder orthosis with band immobilizer for trauma and instability.

Record Sanitary 2015DM-0013020


Indicated for fractures, sprains, and shoulder injuries.

Place your arm on the support and cross the strips forming an x ​​on your back. Place band on the contour and adjust velcro according to the patient's comfort.


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine.


Skin irritation or sensitivity (redness, hives). Allergic responses to the material. Skin blisters. Psoriasis, Flictenas, Dermatitis, Cellulitis. Disproportionate increase in pain. Use under a cotton garment. It is important that the placement of the product is supervised by your specialist.



Sling With Band
Sling With Band
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