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Sku: TF009A

Gel Compress For Eyes

Size: Compress 26 cm x 11 cm


Compress with anatomical design that allows adaptation in the eye region. Resistant material that maintains heat or cold, depending on the type of treatment required.

Color blue.


Cold: Because it is a vasoconstrictor, it is ideal for sedation and edema management.

In Heat: Because it is a vasodilator, it is used for distension, for general management of muscle spasms or fatigue in the area.

For microwaves, wrap the compress in a damp towel and heat for 5 seconds. If it does not reach the necessary temperature, repeat the operation, moistening the towel again and heat for 3 to 4 second intervals.

Do not use on open wounds, or use it directly on the skin. Do not boil the compress in water, do not use in cases of heart disease, blood pressure disorders, bone rheumatism, skin sensitivity disorders, Raynud's disease, cold urticaria, cold allergy.


Wash with cold water and mild soap. Keep in the freezer for one (1) hour, put in a plastic bag during the time it is in the freezer, remove the bag to use.

Gel Compress For Eyes
Gel Compress For Eyes
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