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Sku: KM051

Philadelphia Necklace

Size: XS


Philadelphia type collar made of high-density foam, limiting mobility in the cervical spine.

Health Registry 2017DM -0016208


Acute sprains of the cervical spine. Whiplash syndrome. Post-operative at the cervical level and/or recommended by the specialist.

Locate the neck mark and the downward curved part behind. Place the front part on the neck taking into account that the velcros go on top and place the chin above the collar. Attach Velcro according to the patient's comfort.


Remove the lining from the collar, hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine. Do not wash the necklace.


Excessive use can cause muscle weakness and aggravate symptoms due to prolonged inactivity of movement. Use caution when placing the collar when there is cervical trauma with skin injury.



Philadelphia Necklace
Philadelphia Necklace
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