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Sku: KM153

Emergency Necklace

Size: S / M


Rigid emergency collar that limits the movement of the cervical spine, with a hole at the neck level that allows the insertion of the tube or cannula to perform an emergency tracheostomy.

Record Sanitary 2017DM-0016208


Acute sprains in the cervical spine. Whiplash syndrome.

Locate the back part of the neck taking into account that it has velcro on the sides. Locate the front part of the neck and chin. Paste Velcro on the sides and adjust according to the patient's comfort.


Using a damp cloth, hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in machine.


You should avoid lateral, rotational and antero-posterior movements of the head. It should not alter the position or function of important airway structures, nor adversely affect cerebral circulation.

Application of a small size of cervical collar allowing cervical flexion. Application of a large size forcing a cervical extension. Excessive closure of the collar discomfort, respiratory distress.



Emergency Necklace
Emergency Necklace
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