Emergency Collar

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Rigid orthosis to achieve complete immobilization of the ranges of movement of the cervical spine.

neck support.

Hole at neck level that allows the insertion of the tube or cannula to perform emergency tracheotomy.

Contact closure.

Record Sanitary 2017DM-0016208


Stabilization in case of emergencies in conscious or unconscious patients.

Limits the mobility of the cervical spine in cases of chronic sprains of the cervical spine, neck pain, mild whiplash syndrome, cervical osteoarthritis, cervical muscle strain and/or those required by the specialist.


Avoid lateral, rotational and anteroposterior movements of the head. It should not alter the position or function of important airway structures or adversely affect cerebral circulation.

• Improper mobilization of the neck can cause spinal injuries.

• The application of a small size of the collar can allow cervical flexion.

• The application of a large size can lead to a cervical extension.

• Excessive closure of the collar: discomfort, respiratory distress, difficulty swallowing.

• Inadequate closure of the collar: detachment of the collar and sudden loss of immobility.