Active Elbow Pad

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Elbow pad with soft gel pad, provides protection, stabilization compression, gentle and localized pressure on the tendons to provide rest. General support for sports activities.

Band made of neoprene velcro that provides localized pressure through the soft pads with gel. Ideal support for tennis elbow. Adjustable for greater compression and stability. Ambidextrous, absorbent and soft.

Sanitary Registry 2018DM -0003295-R1


Elbow pad with soft gel pad that offers protection and firm stabilization compression to prevent injuries and provide rest. General support in sports activities Ideal for the treatment of epicondylitis and muscle injuries at elbow level. Use in cases of post-operative treatment of the elbow, muscle tears, tendonitis and grade 1 and 2 sprains.

1. Enter the arm and locate 3 cm below the elbow.

2. Adjust the velcro strap for pressure, ensuring that the brace applies gentle, targeted pressure to the tendons.


If you have skin irritation (allergies), use a cotton bandage under the band. If pain persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately.

Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine. Hand wash with cold water and mild soap.