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Sku: KM2001

Simple Sling



Orthosis for the support of the forearm, made of breathable material, with tensor and padded protector in the neck area. Support indicated for shoulder and elbow fractures, post-operative and soft tissue injuries.

Health Registration 2015DM-0013020


Indicated for shoulder and elbow fractures, post-operative, soft tissue injuries.

Cross the strap behind the neck. Insert the arm into the sleeve. Adjust the padding to 90 degrees to achieve the correct arm position. Position the padding at the neck for added comfort.


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Do not machine wash.


Skin irritation or sensitivity (redness, hives). Allergic responses to the material. Skin blistering, psoriasis, phlyctenas, dermatitis, cellulitis. Disproportionate increase of pain



Simple Sling
Simple Sling
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