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Sku: 11170

Rigid Ankle Brace

Size: Right S/M


Orthosis for acute sprain, stabilizing the movement of the standing neck, which allows planti - dorsiflexion, restricting eversion - inversion of the standing neck, allows cold therapy to work.

Record Sanitary 2018 DM-0003369-R1

  1. Grade II sprains
  2. Muscle tears.
  3. Element of correction and prevention in cases of fracture.
  4. It is used for the total or partial immobilization of the foot, either for periods of days, weeks or months.
  1. Skin irritation or sensitivity (redness, hives).
  2. Allergic responses to the material.
  3. Skin blisters.
  4. Psoriasis, Flictenas, Dermatitis, Cellulite.

Place above average.

Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Do not use detergent. Do not wash in a washing machine.

Rigid Ankle Brace
Rigid Ankle Brace
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