Mobility Division


With over 80 years of experience, it is one of the best known and most successful manufacturers of wheelchairs and suppliers of rehabilitation products in the world. MEYRA's motto "We move people" determines its actions. They offer support and motivation to the disabled population, allowing them mobility and autonomy. With a comprehensive assortment of high-quality wheelchairs as well as numerous solutions in various individual segments, they make the daily routine in rehabilitation or elite sport easier.

This leading German company has been developing, producing and selling innovative rehabilitation technology products since 2005. The main focus is mobility products for children and young people. In addition to creative technical properties, its products are characterized by a sporty and modern design. They develop special and individual solutions at the customer's request. Its product development is based on permanent product optimization, as well as communication with parents and those affected, with therapists, doctors and business partners around the world.
One of the differentiating elements of this American brand founded in 2005, is the research to provide the highest quality of life for the users of its products. They have an innovative, functional design and this makes each wheelchair extraordinary because it adapts to the needs and ambitions of the person who uses it. Its portfolio is grouped into rigid folding, tilting, children / youth categories.